LEAKING SHOWER OR BALCONY ? Call Perth’s Bathroom Repairs Specialists 25 Year guarantee     Same Day Service    Latest Waterproofing Technology Free Moisture Detection Test     Competitive Quotes Call Now Down Arrow

LEAKING SHOWER OR BALCONY ? Call Perth’s Bathroom Repairs Specialists 25 Year guarantee     Same Day Service    Latest Waterproofing Technology Free Moisture Detection Test     Competitive Quotes Call Now Down Arrow

Leaking Shower Repairs

A leaking shower can cause lasting damage to your home, so getting it fixed straight away is important. If you hold off on leaking shower repairs for too long, you could get water damage in areas around your shower walls, as well as mould and mildew. Bathroom Surgeon provides comprehensive shower repairs around Perth with our effective waterproofing system. Our advanced service offers a permanent solution, without removing any tiles for complete customer satisfaction. If you are concerned about a leaking shower in Perth, then be sure to get in touch for a free quote.

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Causes of Leaking Showers

A leaking shower can be difficult to detect, as the damage is often hidden. Serious cases can cause damage to the framing, plastering/paint or the ceiling in the room underneath your shower. There are two areas where a leaking shower originates: the faulty grout or waterproof membrane failure Most shower repair jobs are fairly simple, and will not require any major plumbing solutions. However, it is vital to get your repairs done straight away, as a leaking shower can cause long-lasting damage.

How Do I Stop my Shower Leaking?

Faulty showers need to be fixed as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage to your home. Luckily, getting your shower sealed to stop the leak is easy. At Bathroom Surgeon, we use a special technique of waterproofing and shower sealing.

Using only the highest quality European shower sealer products, we tend to any leaks around your tiles and taps. There is no need to remove tiles or create any damage. Epoxy grout or silicone seals products are used to target any damaged areas.

Instead of completely re-tiling or renovating the shower, all you need to do is seal the leak. Just make sure you do not use the shower 24 hours before arranged repair.

Quality shower sealers offer 100% protection that will last stand the test of time. This simple repairs service will have your shower looking and feeling brand new.

How Do You Repair Grout In a Shower?

Instead of replacing the tiles in a shower, regrouting can bring them back to life. This process works to repair leaking showers, but also helps to give your shower a whole new look and feel.

Grout repair is a fairly simple service that should only take 2 - 3 hours. Basically, the old grout is replaced with a fresh layer. This will remove any unsightly grout areas, as well as add an additional shower seal layer. The shower can be used again 24 hours after the service.

If you have damaged or old grout, then be sure to consider regrouting before doing a complete tile overhaul. This is more cost-effective and can work just as well.

How Much Does Grout Repair Cost?

If you’re looking for an alternative to your leaking shower repairs, regrouting is a fantastic option. Not only does this prevent leaks, but it also helps to completely revitalize your tiled areas.

Regrouting is an affordable solution and is much more budget-friendly than a complete renovation or retiling of your shower. For more information or a free quote, be sure to get in touch with our team.

The price to regrout/waterproof your leaking shower recess is usually given on site upon the inspection.

Any shower area will greatly benefit from regrouting. This is one of the simplest ways of refreshing your shower, as well as avoiding leaking. If you are worried about shower recess or possible damage, then be sure to consider grout repairs.

Signs of a leaking Shower/Balcony

Bubbling Paint
Mould and Mildew
Watermark on Ceiling
Damage to Floors and Walls

What Our Customers Say

Leaking shower review

Thank you to both Doug and Rob. Doug has just finished regrouting and resealing my shower, he was prompt, courteous and did a fantastic job, it looks like new, his workmanship is incredible. Rob came and provided the quote and was delightful, he was courteous and prompt, normally I get two quotes but after speaking with Rob instantly booked the job, he was that good. Both Doug and Rob are a credit to The Bathroom Surgeon and I would highly recommend them

Excellent work!

Thank you so much Doug for the awesome job you did with our showers!! Not only were you on time but you left it spotless. Amazing work. Our kids are saying their shower looks like going to a day spa 🤗


Doug did a fabulous job grouting our ensuite with no mess and done in a very short time. Got the quote made the date for the job to be done and it was finished. Very professional and so easy to deal with.

Thank you all.

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