Bathroom Shower Repairs

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Bathroom Shower Repairs

A leaking shower is enough to keep you awake at night. And rightly so! Leaking showers – caused by building movement, followed by cracking of grout and tiles, and failed waterproof membranes – could be causing structural damage and left unchecked will cost you money.

A leaking shower can also ruin nearby carpet, cause skirting boards to swell, and create unsightly mould and damp, musky smells. If worried about leaky showers, call The Bathroom Surgeon and we will:

  • Inspect and assess the damage;
  • Perform a water pressure test;
  • Remove old/deteriorated sealants and grout;
  • Service and seal in behind taps;
  • Replace grout and silicon;
  • Waterproof the area;
  • Clean up and test area after job completion.