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i.fresh Strata Waterproofing

i.fresh Strata Waterproofing

Recently we received work order from our regular customer i.fresh Strata to seal/waterproof 16 balconies in East Perth. Multiple Storey Building known as the Sky Apartments had a major issue with leaking showers and balconies and we have already sealed/water proofed many of them before. They welcomed our return service with great appreciation both the owners and property managers from i.fresh Strata
Bathroom Renovation Steps

Bathroom Renovation Steps

1. Ensure your bathroom is waterproofed correctly

Waterproofing failure is one of the top three building defects in Australia, yet in some states waterproofers do not require a licence. The Australian Master Tilers Association (AMTA) is currently campaigning for greater regulation in the waterproofing industry.

All waterproofing should be completed to the AS 3740-2010 Waterproofing of domestic wet areas standard

2. Don’t overcapitalise

Bathroom renovations can definitely add value, but it’s also easy to overcapitalise, as these are the most expensive spaces to build and renovate due to the range of trades, special finishes, and range of fittings and fixtures


3. Use compliant products

Choosing your bathroom fixtures and finishes is the exciting part – they determine how your bathroom will look and feel. But, along with trying out the fixtures in the showroom and checking the finishes in person before you buy them, it’s important to check they comply with Australian standards.

4. Hire licensed tradespeople

Always engage the services of a registered and insured tradesperson. This not only applies to plumbing and electrical work – which must be conducted by a licensed practitioner and then certified – it also applies to builders, tilers, plasterers, architects and designers.

5. Prepare for asbestos

When renovating your home, always be prepared for the presence of asbestos, particularly in homes built before 1984.

6. Plan your renovation  

If your bathroom requires structural changes – such as removing a wall, adding a window or significantly changing utilities – you will require a building permit. Your building plans will need to be drawn up and submitted by a registered building practitioner.


Free Water-Efficient Showerheads

Free Water-Efficient Showerheads

The Liberal National Government’s Showerhead Swap program is on again and Water Corporation customers in Perth are being urged to take advantage of the program, which can help households save up to 7,000 litres of water per year.

Water Minister Mia Davies said customers in Perth and Mandurah could exchange up to two old showerheads for two new water-efficient ones through Bunnings Warehouse.

“Replacing old showerheads with water-efficient ones is one of the easiest ways for Perth and Mandurah people to reduce their water use,” Ms Davies said.

“For householders, changing a showerhead to a more water efficient model is a simple way to save water in an area of the home where about 22 per cent of total household water is used.

“People are also being reminded to switch off their reticulation system with the winter sprinkler ban coming into effect from June 1.  The ban has been in place since 2010 and saved about 4.5 billion litres of drinking water last year alone.”

The Minister said 2015 was the ninth driest winter on record in Perth and resulted in the lowest inflow into local drinking water dams on record.

“The Government has invested heavily to ensure there are climate-independent water sources for Western Australia,” she said.

“This includes our two desalination plants and the Groundwater Replenishment Scheme – the first of its kind in Australia – which will come online at the end of 2016, recharging up to 14 billion litres of highly treated water back into the aquifers each year.

“However demand management will always be an important part of managing our precious water resources, and that’s why we are investing in campaigns like the showerhead swap.”

To get involved in the showerhead swap, corporation customers should take their old showerheads, along with the personalised flyer they receive with their next bill, to the nearest Bunnings Warehouse.  The offer is available until November 30, 2016 or while stocks last.

Bathroom Shower Repairs

Bathroom Shower Repairs

A leaking shower is enough to keep you awake at night. And rightly so! Leaking showers – caused by building movement, followed by cracking of grout and tiles, and failed waterproof membranes – could be causing structural damage and left unchecked will cost you money.

A leaking shower can also ruin nearby carpet, cause skirting boards to swell, and create unsightly mould and damp, musky smells. If worried about leaky showers, call The Bathroom Surgeon and we will:

  • Inspect and assess the damage;
  • Perform a water pressure test;
  • Remove old/deteriorated sealants and grout;
  • Service and seal in behind taps;
  • Replace grout and silicon;
  • Waterproof the area;
  • Clean up and test area after job completion.