Your bathroom tiles are used to a lot of wear and tear. They take a lot of your daily living. And, as they age, they can get damaged. A few chips here and there, some scratches, and eventually, you may see cracks start to form. They can fade over time, lose their colour and shine, and get dirty and discoloured, changing the aesthetic of your bathroom.

They’re also extremely sensitive to structural movement. This is especially common within the first five or so years of your new home’s life, where the soil underneath is shifting and adjusting to the new build, or can be due to heavy vibrations from construction work next door. As your house moves, tiny cracks can appear. Cracks that can grow, and eventually develop into completely cracked tiles.

Bathroom Surgeon can help you replace any damaged tiles so you won’t notice the difference, regrout your tiles entirely to give your entire bathroom a fresh new look, or retile the whole shower recess or bathroom.

So if you want to replace your old, cracked tiles, call in Perth’s tiling specialists. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.


If your tiles are starting to crack and become unsafe, this can signify a deeper issue. There might be moisture hiding behind your tiles, which means there is a leak somewhere in your shower or bathroom area that needs repairing.

So it’s important that you monitor any cracked tiles. If you notice them start to get worse, or if it’s accompanied by a build-up of mould or mildew, then you may have a bathroom or shower leak issue. If you notice a large number of cracked or loose tiles—say 40% of those in your shower recess—this could be due to excessive building movement, and means your original tiles were installed to an inadequate standard, or the wrong tile glue was used altogether.

Cracked or loose tiles can even affect other areas of your house. Water passes through the surface, pooling underneath, and eventually leading to water damage in other areas.

So if you notice a substantial amount of cracking or loose tiles, we can provide a complete retile of your bathroom recess.


You don’t have to wait until you notice a cracked or loose tile to change things up. If you want to change the look and feel of your bathroom, balcony, or other tiled areas, we can provide a complete retile and give your bathroom and tiled areas a breath of fresh air. We can also detect any moisture build-up, and advise whether you’ve got a deeper problem to worry about.


Our grout’s made of stronger stuff. Premium grade Europoxy grout that’s robust, long-lasting, and waterproofs your tiles, guaranteed.




Our grout’s made of stronger stuff. Premium grade Europoxy grout that’s robust, long-lasting, and waterproofs your tiles, guaranteed.